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The Importance of Vacumming

In this Picture we see the backing of a carpet. And the Obvious is that the dirt has sifted into it over time. This is due to two reasons, #1; we live in an environment which ...

2014-08-08T20:42:15+00:00August 8th, 2014|

Taking Care of Hard Surface Floors

Mopping our hard surface floors takes enough energy; we do not have to make it harder than necessary. Utilizing the proper tools can go a long way in reducing the effort it takes to maintain ...

2014-08-08T20:26:05+00:00August 8th, 2014|

Misconceptions of Carpet Cleaning

Here are some common misconceptions of carpet cleaning Misconception #1: You should wait as long as possible before cleaning your carpet or having your carpet cleaned too frequently will damage the fibers. No. Dirt is an ...

2023-02-28T18:38:32+00:00August 8th, 2014|