Flooding Photo Courtesy AZ Central

It’s not often that Arizona is ravaged by the level of storms that occurred yesterday. In fact, the Maricopa area has never experienced the amount of rain that fell yesterday. A staggering 3.29 inches of rain poured down on the valley causing the I-10 to be shut down, and hundreds of homes to flood.

Needless to say, AZ Hydro Pro had an eventful day helping homeowners literally get their heads (and homes) out from underwater.  While we are happy to help families get back in their homes we did see an unsettling trend following yesterday’s storms. Many homeowners affected by storms did not have flood insurance which means the burden for repairs falls on the home or business owner.

A flood in Ahwatukee caused over $1 million in damages to a church that did not have flood insurance. “The unfortunate thing about people in Arizona is that they don’t think to purchase flood insurance,” said AZ Hydro Pro’s Jennifer Atkinson. “Phoenix is basically a large bowl and people’s homes can easily be breached.

Additionally, many people believe that their homeowner’s insurance will cover floods. Homeowner’s policies will typically cover water damage that occurs within the house (burst pipes, overflow) but will not cover water that comes from the ground or outside sources. The Mesa and Phoenix floods from yesterday are categorized as groundwater which is not covered.

“Flood policies are relatively inexpensive and can cover the gap left by homeowner’s policies,” said Scottsdale Insurance Agent Jason Arriaga. “Flood insurance policies are set by FEMA. Even areas that are not typically affected by floods should explore a flood insurance policy.”

You may think that it could never happen to you but the truth is that while floods in Arizona are not common they do occur. If you wouldn’t take the risk of driving uninsured or going without health insurance then why would you risk one of your most important assets; your home?

Here at AZ Hydro Pro we always have your best interests at heart and while we are happy to help anyone in need of water damage restoration we feel much better when you aren’t breaking the bank!

If you are experiencing any water damage from yesterday’s storms give us a call at 602-242-1120.