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Here are just a few of Arizona Hydro Pro’s happy customers.


Michelle Andrews

We contracted Hydro Pro to clean the carpets at our business location which 2300 feet, the carpets were very dirty and had deep marks on it. When finished the carpets looked like new, very clean, no strong smells, just a fresh smell. They also cleaned cushions for our bench, which were extremely stained. There prices were very reasonable, I would recommend them to any person who wants and excellent job done and affordable prices thank you Hydro Pro

Richard Harris

My wife owns a house in Mesa which we use as a second home. Twice in 2015, we had need of Ray’s services due to several flooding issues: the 1st from a broken toilet and the second from a broken AC ceiling unit. Ray and his team responded quickly and thoroughly for both problems. Their restoration work was superb; Ray and his team were easy to work with and very professional. I want to give a special shout-out to Jennifer, who was my frequent contact through-out, on top of everything going on, and very helpful when I had questions. I trusted the AZ Hydro Pro team to take of my water damage problems and they did that in spades. I highly recommend them, their top quality work, and their excellent staff.

Nicole Rosa

The day I moved into my place the water heater in the condo above mine broke, doing some serious water damage to my ceilings and floors. I had already been struggling with the insurance company, my HOA and the tenant above me on how to get things resolved. Jennifer and Ray were speedy getting out to my condo and really held my hand through the process. They were extremely professional and compassionate towards my stressful situation. AZ Hydropro really went above and beyond to help me. THANK YOU!

James L Purdy and Pamela G Fossen

Ray Odom and Jennifer Atkinson of AZ Hydro Pro were an amazing mitigation company to work with during a recent water damage incident in my friends Scottsdale, Arizona condo. From the beginning to the end they were timely, professional, extremely knowledgeable and very patient with the excruciating process in dealing with an insurance company. We are up in Montana and Ray and Jennifer were our onsite experts in dealing with all phases of the incident. As a licensed general contractor Ray proved his credentials by guiding us through the various alternatives in rebuilding the kitchen to pre – loss condition. If ever you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable company who is truly looking out for their clients best interest AZ Hydro Pro is the company in the greater Phoenix area…

Thank you Ray and Jennifer!

Larry Lesser

As a Residential Investment Property Manager I know the importance of having a good, reliable and fair priced carpet cleaning company. With the work that Ray and his office do I have been able to save my clients from having to replace their carpets. Sometimes we do have to replace carpets, but Ray and his staff really do everything they can to try and save the carpet. They are just that good.

Devra Tousley

Holy Carpet Cleaner Batman!!! Tim and Ray Odom With AZ Hydro Pro came and saved our carpet (again)! Chris Tousley was absolutely getting new carpet this week as it is terribly embarrassing to have this in our home. LOOK what happened. Tim also said that we have really good carpet and it will last another 5-6 years with their care.

Arizona Carpet Cleaning Mesa Carpet Cleaners

Go for it! I dare you to save me a few thousand dollars. – feeling wonderful.

Eric L. Blomgren

I highly recommend Ray Odom and his company, Arizona Hydro Pro.  Having a home with several pets, my wife and I were in desperate need of having our carpet and tile cleaned.  Thankfully, we chose Ray because they delivered much more than we expected.

Not only were they responsive, knowledgeable and professional, they were more passionate about their trade than I ever thought possible.  In fact, we were so impressed with the quality of their work that we immediately referred a family member who was also in need. Like us, she too was dazzled with the outcome. You’re definitely in good hands with Ray and the folks at AZ Hydro Pro

Dale Fingerish


I want to thank you for doing such a great job in cleaning my carpet and chairs. My house is 10 years old and with your cleaning method, my carpet looks like it is brand new. I have had it cleaned before, but never with this great of results. The technetium that you sent also did a sample cleaning of my tile and what a difference it made. I will schedule a tile cleaning as well.

Thank you again!

Sam & Cid Merrill

Dear Ray,

Little did we know we’d be working from home when we installed Snow White carpet in our home!  After using 3 or 4 other carpet cleaning services, we were convinced it would never look completely clean again. Since we are constantly back & forth on the carpet the “wear paths” show up more than they would if we just had the normal traffic a home would be subject to.  Traffic patterns on white carpet are so apparent.  We thought we’d just have to learn to live with it or replace it before its time just to have it look decent. Then we found Arizona Hydro-Pro!

When they came out the first time for a quote we were told by them they would not only get it clean – they would recondition it to look almost like new.  This was a statement we couldn’t afford not to take them up on. With the traffic this carpet sees, none of the other companies were able to get it looking clean, much less like new.  We’ve recently been told by a number of people that our carpeting looks new – so it tells us that it’s not just something we want to believe … It’s really true!

To make it even better – our white carpet is 7-1/2 years old! We tell everyone we know “If you haven’t tried Arizona Hydro-Pro, you should!”  We wouldn’t think of using any other carpet cleaning company.