What To Do While Waiting for Water Restoration Team

AZ Hydro ProSo you’ve made the phone call and our water restoration team is on the way to survey the damage and begin the remediation process.

Here’s what you can do to mitigate the damage to your home and office.

Shut Off & Unplug:

The first course of action during a large flood is to shut off your water, gas and electricity as quickly as possible. These pose dangerous risks for both your home and family.

Take Pictures:

Before you move any damaged items. Go through your home and take photos for your insurance adjuster. If you neglect to take photos it will be more difficult to file a claim.

Seal Off The Damaged Area:

Parts of your home that have been exposed to mold or sewage should be sealed off and avoided until we arrive. Contaminates can be spread around your home simply by walking through an affected area. If you absolutely must enter; wrap your shoes with plastic bags and remove the bag when leaving a contaminated area.

Protect Furniture

Furniture is what turns your house into a home. Place aluminum foil underneath the legs of heavy furniture that you are unable to move to protect them and your carpets. If you don’t have aluminum foil plastic bags are a good alternative.

Move Saturated Items

If your clothing, bedding or area rugs have been saturated with water, place them in large containers, a bathtub or garage. These items are now salvageable and out of the way.

Save Exposed Items

Unfortunately, if something has been exposed to mold or sewage it has become dangerous for your family or office. Place these in a safe place for your insurance adjustor/

Close Your Windows and Doors

Contrary to popular belief, opening a door or window can actually increase the amount of moisture within your home or office.

Lift Curtains

If curtains or drapes have been affected by water damage, use coat hangers to lift the curtains off the ground.  If your curtains have been affected by mold or sewage discard immediately.


Our team is on the way and we will get you back to where you belong in no time!