We would like to wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season, from all of us at AZ Hydro Pro. Here are some tips for staying safe during this time of year:


  • If you are using a real Christmas tree, make sure that you place it in water so it doesn’t dry up and become a fire hazard.
  • Keep the electrical wires for lights and decorations away from walkways, inside or outside. If you have to bring a cord across a path, be sure to secure it with duct tape to ensure no one will trip on it.
  • Don’t shoot your eye out.
  • Make sure that packs of roaming dogs cannot steal your Christmas roast from the table
  • Don’t let yourself or anyone else drink and drive
  • Try to keep pets away from the Christmas tree and electrical wires
  • If you start seeing ghosts of Christmas past, make sure to see a psychiatrist about that
  • For families going up north or out of state, make sure you allow plenty of drive time in case of snow or sleet.
  • If Santa falls off your roof, make sure not to put on the suit, unless you want to live his lifestyle

There you have it, be sure to enjoy family time, good movies, and good food!