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When disaster strikes it can be hard to see how the situation could be anything but negative. But here at Arizona Hydro Pro, we can turn your misfortune into an opportunity to improve the aesthetics of your home at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a traditional contractor.

If a home has experienced a large infestation of the mold our typical course of action is to remove moldy carpet, seal off the damaged area, open up the moldy walls, and then completely remove the affected area. This essentially gives the damaged area a blank slate for our team to rebuild your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or any other room in your home.

There is always the option to return the damaged area to its former glory but we can also do a complete remodel.

At Arizona Hydro Pro, we work with insurance companies to minimize the cost of remodeling and provide a superior product.

Remodeling Case Study

You know that your mold problem has gotten bad when fungal growths sprout up in the base of your bathroom. For this mold remediation job, we had to completely remove the structure of the bathroom. While most people would see an ugly situation AZ Hydro Pro saw an opportunity.

After eradicating the mold from top to bottom, AZ Hydro Pro worked closely with the homeowners and their insurance to give them the bathroom of their dreams! A fresh, modern design comprised of color-changing LED lights, a television, and a glass shower was implemented to transform this nightmare into a fantasy!

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