Water pouring down on wall in abandoned room in pripyatHere’s a hypothetical for you – your family springs for the opportunity to take a vacation, headed for warmer pastures during the frigid winter season in January. While you’re enjoying a drink on the beach, the sun smiling down overhead, you receive a phone call from your friend tasked with the responsibility of house sitting – this can’t be good.

“Hey buddy, I just came in this evening and there’s water everywhere. You have a burst pipe, and there’s still flooding – what do you want me to do?”

Sounds like a nightmare, right? It doesn’t have to be with the professionals at AZ Hydro Pro on your side – the Valley’s reputable emergency water damage service.

You tell your friend not to panic, switch lines and dial up (602) 242-1120, get connected to a friendly operator and place a service call. You click back and tell your friend that someone will be right over.

“You mean to tell me you found a water damage service at this time of night?” Your friend asks, in utter bewilderment. Of course you did! After a family member had flooding issues with their house, you knew that AZ Hydro Pro can respond to any emergency, any time of day or night.

AZ Hydro Pro’s team rushed out in the dead of night to stop your sister’s toilet from backing up, preventing any further damage to the house. They extracted water from damaged areas after running a thorough inspection and even addressed areas where mold was concerned, keeping her family’s health in check.

“Wow, that’s pretty impressive,” your friend says. You thank them for the phone call and tell them to relax, things will be back up to speed in no time. You say goodbye and sink back into your tanning chair – there’s nothing like a day on the beach.