It happens before most people have a chance to react – water floods into the home, leaving a destructive trail in its path. Water damage can destroy your home, robbing you of valuable memories and tarnishing perhaps the greatest investment you’ll ever make. Keep yourself protected.

There are several steps you can take to help minimize the chance of your property being damaged by water. Prevent a personal disaster from occurring in your community and take initiative!

Do any floors of your home have a drain? It’s imperative you keep these areas clear from obstruction, allowing them to vent.

Are you leaving town for a longer period of time than three days? It’s a good idea to have someone stop by your home and ensure everything is in working order. Even one little faucet left running can cause big damage.

If you’re planning on leaving your home for the winter season, drain the plumbing and arrange to have someone stop by your home and ensure the heat is working properly. Frigid temperatures increase the likelihood of a metal pipe bursting and causing serious flood damage to your home.

Just as water damage can occur from inside your home, it can similarly occur due to circumstances outside your home. Have backflow valves and plugs installed for drains, toilets and other sewer connections to prevent water from entering your home.

Is there anything in your home that is virtually unreplaceable? Make absolutely certain that you store important legal documents, invaluable personal artifacts and other related items in an area where they’re least susceptible to damage. A damaged home can be replaced – some things never can.

If you discover flooding has occurred in your home, get help! Call AZ Hydro Pro and take advantage of our emergency flood damage service, available to you 24/7!