Pet Stains ScottsdaleWhat should you do when your pet “goes on the carpet”?

First of all, if you have a pet that is prone to urinate on the carpet, take a quick walk through your home each day when you get home. The quicker you get to a pet stain the better.


Some technical tips on urine: When urine is first excreted, it is on the acid side of the pH scale and very easily removed. Within hours of being exposed to oxygen it turns to an alkaline pH. When this happens it will continue to increase in alkalinity to the point of becoming practically ammonia.  This explains the ammonia like odor. At this stage it dramatically affects the dye structure of the carpet.


To clean the urine spot: Mix 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water and clean with a white terry towel. If you have a small extraction machine, it would be ideal to use it. DO NOT USE OVER THE COUNTER SPOT REMOVERS OR ALL PURPOSE CLEANERS ON URINE! YOU MAY SET THE SPOT PERMANENTLY! IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE REMOVING IT, CALL US. 602-242-1120