We hope you had a wonderful holiday season this year with family and friends. If you threw a party this year, you might be losing a little of the Christmas spirit now that it’s over and you’re left with a mess. While washing dishes, vacuuming, and scrubbing tables is a breeze, what about the wine that Aunt Marsha spilled on the carpet? Or Grandpa Joe sneaking cigarettes in another room? These problems aren’t as easily fixed, but have no fear, your Arizona stain and odor removal experts are here!



If you can’t seem to get the stain or smell of a pet accident or a glass of wine out of your carpet, you may need to call in the pros before deciding on using potentially harmful cleaning agents. There are many methods to get these types of blemishes out by simply saturating the floor with water on a deep level with a water claw and then extracting all the contaminants out. This is a good idea if these kinds of accidents regularly occur at your house, whether it be a puppy or an elderly dog that can’t make it outside to use the bathroom. Think of it like a natural deep cleaning.


Instead of using an air fresheners to mask the smell, whether it be smoke, mildew, pets, or something unknown; try getting to the source instead. Addressing the problem head on can save you a lot of time, headaches, and cans of Febreeze. Contact Az Hydro Pro to start getting to the root of the smell.

Realizing your kitchen is too small

If you’re not looking to move just yet but want bigger and better things in your life, consider investing in what you have now. AZ Hydro Pro does custom remodeling jobs that can make you a lot happier with your current situation. If you’re looking to accommodate more guests for next year’s Christmas party, why not consider adding on to your house this time around?