shutterstock_20504519We all love our pets. Coming home from a long day of work, there’s few things more readily capable at bringing a smile to our face than our loyal four-legged companions.

It’s some of the purest unconditional love on the planet – they love us despite being shooed away from chewing on the furniture, we love them despite leaving some seriously offensive ‘gifts’ behind when nature calls.

Perhaps you’re one of millions of pet owners who discovered there was a trade-off for adopting that adorable puppy. Are pet odors taking over your home? If your carpet or upholstery has been decimate by Fifi or Fido, it’s time to call in the odor control experts behind AZ Hydro Pro – we’re more than just water damage specialists!

Cat owners are intimately familiar with the cycle of soiled furnishing – pets will often repeatedly relieve themselves in areas where the scent remains. In order to break the cycle, it becomes imperative that the odor is removed – which doesn’t always mean you need a complete replacement. Many times your original carpet or upholstery can be salvaged.

It’s difficult to imagine anything as noxious as cat urine being treated, so how does AZ Hydro Pro achieve the seemingly impossible? There’s a certain science behind it, a treatment process designed to remove the powerful enzymes that elicit these foul odors.

As you’ve probably witnessed firsthand, many store bought products simply mask the smell – it isn’t long before that Glade candle wears off and the unpleasantness returns. We utilize the most advanced pet stain treatments under the sun, guaranteed to completely eliminate pet stains and other odors without causing harm to furniture or your beloved pets.

We offer services like hot water extraction and deep carpet cleaning to address all varieties of pet odors and stains. Tired of masking the smell? Contact us today!