Water Damage ScottsdaleIt’s impossible to imagine – returning from a short trip only to discover your home has been utterly ravaged by water damage. Precious memories stored in old photographs, essential legal documents imperative to your financial security – all washed away.

This is the type of devastation no one should experience, yet it’s reality for thousands of Americans each year. Water damage occurs due to natural elements and mishaps around the home including a burst pipe or backed up drain.

While the water damage experts at AZ Hydro Pro can’t help you reclaim some of the most valuable items lost to water damage, we can help you reclaim your home. Our experienced team restore your foundation and put you on the fast track to recovery.

Water damage restoration is a thorough process. Our team will first conduct a thorough inspection of your home using advanced thermal imaging – this process allows us to scale the damage that has already occurred, as well as pinpointing new areas of concern.

Water will then be extracted from and we’ll quickly move to remove wet carpet pads, areas that could potentially breed mold where left untreated. We intensively disinfect these areas to ensure hazardous mold doesn’t have a chance to develop.

Wet materials will be dried using a system of air movers, placed throughout affected areas. After materials have a chance to dry, we’ll inspect for moisture to ensure everything is actually dried out.

Next, we re-install carpet with new pads and perform an extensive cleaning. The final cleanup ensures your floors are better off than before the damage even occurred. It’s a small token toward getting your life back, but critical toward restoring your peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate to contact AZ Hydro Pro in the event of an emergency – the sooner you counteract water damage, the less destructive its effect.