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Restoring Your Home After Water Damage

It’s impossible to imagine – returning from a short trip only to discover your home has been utterly ravaged by water damage. Precious memories stored in old photographs, essential legal documents imperative to your financial security – all washed away. This is the type of devastation no one should experience, yet it’s reality for thousands… Read more

Different Types of Water Damage

You may think that all water damage is the same but there are actually three different types of water damage that can destroy your home.  Each form of damage requires different techniques for drying and remediating the issues. Clean Water Clean water damage is typically water that originates from within the home. The most common… Read more

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

It’s a curious question when you’re living in the Valley of the Sun – do you need flood insurance? The fact of the matter is that the majority of Americans aren’t forced into wondering this hypothetical, it’s a required condition of their home loan. Yet, unlike car insurance, flood insurance isn’t required just because you… Read more

How Does Mold Happen in Phoenix?

Dry, hot, arid; these are the words that come to mind when thinking about Phoenix, Arizona. It is a desert after all! Slimy, dank, moist; these are the words that come to mind when thinking about mold. It can be surprising that in an environment as harsh are the Arizona desert, mold can still proliferate in your… Read more

The History of Lead Paint in the U.S.

If you have rented or purchased a home in Arizona in the past decade than chances are you have signed a piece of documentation called a lead paint disclosure. Since 1996 any landlord or home seller that utilized lead-based must disclose this information to their prospective buyers/tenants. In 1978 lead paint was deemed a harmful… Read more

The Health Effects of Black Mold

It should go without saying but if you have identified mold in your home than you have put yourself and your family at risk for some serious health issues. By the time mold has made itself apparent it has already spread throughout your home. Just because you can’t see mold doesn’t mean that it has… Read more

Removing and Recognizing Pet Stains

They’re fun, furry and lovable but they can also stink up your whole house! No we’re not talking about your hairy uncle we’re talking about your pets; specifically cats and dogs. Even owners of the best trained pets can encounter the occasional “accident”. Pet stains from cats and dogs can cause damage to your pristine… Read more

What We Learned from the Phoenix Floods

It’s not often that Arizona is ravaged by the level of storms that occurred yesterday. In fact, the Maricopa area has never experienced the amount of rain that fell yesterday. A staggering 3.29 inches of rain poured down on the valley causing the I-10 to be shut down, and hundreds of homes to flood. Needless… Read more

What to Do About Pet Spots

What should you do when your pet “goes on the carpet”? First of all, if you have a pet that is prone to urinate on the carpet, take a quick walk through your home each day when you get home. The quicker you get to a pet stain the better.   Some technical tips on… Read more

The Importance of Vacumming

In this Picture we see the backing of a carpet. And the Obvious is that the dirt has sifted into it over time. This is due to two reasons, #1; we live in an environment which has a lot of dirt in the air, and #2; we live in a world where vacuuming does not take… Read more